Gallery: New Year Cards 1999-2009

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Here’s a gallery with picks of cards I sent between 1999 and 2009. Hope you enjoy!

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Sledging towards 2011

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Sledge piste by night

As I mentioned earlier: I was determined to go fullspeed towards 2011…

The piste was acutally rather frightening, as it was mostly pitch black an there were plenty of holes and sudden declines. Glad we made it to the new year without breaking any bones!

Happy New Year 2011

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Elky New Year Card


Live Life to the fullest!


Looking back on 2010 I see a year during which,

  • I defended my honour as an office chair racer
  • I saved a frog’s live (but wasn’t tempted to kiss it, anyway)
  • I saw the Netherlands not winning the world cup (again)
  • I was served a pizza with fries on it
  • I witnessed the invention of 3D-Javascript
  • I was constantly on the move – but unfortunately not hiking by night
  • I watched someone catching a mirror full of sky
  • I grew more callus on the fingers of my right hand
  • and much more…

I do hope, you’ve  made a few memorable experiences as well during the past year (feel free to share some in the comments!) and wish you a bunch of them for 2011!


My first view of 2010

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“Thou shalt follow thy own advice!”, they say (or something along these lines, anyway) Hence, I put on my hiking boots right after sending my new year’s message out and went for a walk.

Here’s my first view of 2010:

New Year's View with fireworks

Happy New Year 2010

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Elkish New Year Card

Let’s move on to new horizons!

Ever wondered what’s behind that horizon?  Now, 2010 offers 365 fresh days to explore your visions and make a step towards your goals.

You think that mountain’s too high to have a go at? Don’t try to take it in one big leap but take a small step each day, instead. Believe me, you’ll be quite somewhere after 365 steps (actually, you can even take a break on the way and still get rather far)!
Now go, and make your move!

With my best wishes for the new Year!

P.S.:  Comments and Greetings are very welcome as usual!