What’s this New Year Card thing, anyway?

It’s my personal way of reflecting on the past year and keep in touch with people around a good bit of the known world at the same time.

Why am I receiving your cards?

If I’ve sent you an email with my season’s greetings, it means, we have met in person sometime, somewhere. Maybe recently, maybe years ago, maybe only briefly  – whatvever you left an impression on me big enough to be honoroued with a New Year Card from that moment on. 🙂
If you don’t remember when or if you are confused about who I am anyway, feel free, to drop me a line, and I’ll gladly shed some light on this question.

How long have you been doing this?

Sign Moose CrossingI’ve sent out my own ecards with season’s greetings on various places spread all over the internet since 1999.

(So, this was way before Social Networking with Facebook and the like became the big thing, they are now.)

Actually, in 1999 it was just an impromptu project I put into action in an afternoon – I had no idea that from now on I would be creating a card each year for more than 10 years to come!

In 2010 I’ve moved the project to this wordpress blog, because it makes it easy to handle everything.

I’ve you haven’t been on board since 1999 (actually, there are a couple of people who really are!), check out this slideshow to get an idea of how things developped.

And this is fun?

Err… Frankly, it’s always a bit hectic towars the publishing dates. But the feeling of relief after its done is really worth the pain. 😉

Oh, and your feedback,  of course, really means a lot to me, too!

Now, I do hope you enjoy watching and reading my cards!


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