Happy New Year 2016

Elky New Year's Card for 2016

A Happy New Year 2016 to all of you out there!

May there be light!

„Let your partner shine!“ is one of my favourite principles of improvised theatre (and I think I lived up to that one quite literally in 2015 ;-)). Hence, dare to let the people around you shine in 2016 – and surely, it will reflect back on you!

Drop me a line!

Start now, shine a light on some great artist that touched you in the last year and may inspire me – and others – in the upcoming one (youtube links are appreciated).

Of course, you can just leave me a simple comment. That makes me happy, too!


~ by Chris }:0) on 31/12/2015.

5 Responses to “Happy New Year 2016”

  1. Ok, I’ll go first: Only a few days ago I discovered this mind blowing version of a Pink Floyd classic – shockwaves of awesomeness ahead! (Floyd purists may not want to check it out though ;-)).

  2. Dear Chris, may the force be with you! Happy new year and thanks for the lovely lines!

  3. Morphing was fun in 1992. It still is. Let’s morph to 1916… Some people out there need to… I love your open mind, Chris. Stay as you are! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPFAYIr8z2I

  4. as always… muss ich doch auch noch meinen Kommentar hinterlassen 🙂 auch dir von Herzen alles Gute im 2016 – ein sehr toller Vorsatz fürs 2016 von dir, den ich mir ganz gerne auch grad aneigne… (news: I started again playing in a band!! passt also auch tiptop)
    in the last week a blogger made me laugh a lot, she shows really a lot of my day by day life with a toddler… in diesem Sinn auch noch verspätet fröhliche Weihnachten… 😉

  5. as always- auch von mir ein retour-gruss und beste neujahrswünsche! das hübsche weihnachtssträusschen hab ich erst gestern teilweise entsorgt! Merci nochmals und alles gueti, bis bald Janine und co

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