Happy New Year 2010

Elkish New Year Card

Let’s move on to new horizons!

Ever wondered what’s behind that horizon?  Now, 2010 offers 365 fresh days to explore your visions and make a step towards your goals.

You think that mountain’s too high to have a go at? Don’t try to take it in one big leap but take a small step each day, instead. Believe me, you’ll be quite somewhere after 365 steps (actually, you can even take a break on the way and still get rather far)!
Now go, and make your move!

With my best wishes for the new Year!

P.S.:  Comments and Greetings are very welcome as usual!


~ by Chris }:0) on 31/12/2009.

7 Responses to “Happy New Year 2010”

  1. Dear Chris. I wish you a happy 2010. May all your dreams for this year come true. Take good care of yourself. Big hugs ~ Linn

  2. Helloooo!
    I am happy to hear from you. Your message made me smile. Thanck you for your wishes. I wish you all the best and hope you achive all your dreams. Good luck and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    Best regards from Romania.

  3. P.S.: Here’s my first view of 2010:


  4. Hi Eli,
    Thanks for the wishes for the New Year. I have a strong feeling it’s going to be a wonderful year. Now I’m curious to see in what ways…
    Yours 😉 Eli

  5. Dear Christian,

    Always “walking on the Bright Side of Life”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHPOzQzk9Qo

    The biggest the moutain we have to climb, the biggest is the happiness of achieved the top of it! Happy New Year 2010 mu friend!

    Cheers! Sandra et Geoffroy

  6. salut,
    bin zwar etwas spät, aber möchte meinen traditionellen Neujahresgruss auch noch anbringen…
    Merci herzlich für die guten Wünsche und die inspirierende Karte!
    Ich wünsche dir, dass die “new horizons” spannend, auf eine gute Art herausfordernd und bereichernd sein werden!
    mit lg, Damaris

  7. Kent!

    Herzlich Dank for the good wishes. Ik bin ubersoigt, dass die Reise fon the Elk in 2010 wird sain aine grosse Sieg! Auf saine Weg es kann ihn nichts hindern, wail er hat aine Hakystok in saine Hand. Aber was er trägt in die Tasche auf saine Rucken? Ik konnte nikt erkennen.

    See you on the ice,


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